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Re: Coupe GT or 4000Q for a teenager?

Having cut both of those apart for my Coupe quattro project I must say that
these two cars are very similar in structure.  Even though the center tunnel
and rear section of the floor are different, some parts of the floor are
actually the same.  The entire front frame (not subframe) including firewall
are identical.  I am amazed on how easy it is to turn a FWD Coupe into a
quattro Coupe.  The length and shape of the rocker panel seam are identical
and the 4kq even has the outer part of the bracket that holds the FWD Coupe's
trailing arms (filled with undercoating)!  The only difference is the doors
and the trunk area.  I think in an accident the 4kq would be just as safe as
the Coupe.  4kq would actually be better for the rear passangers because the
doors have side impact beams located between two structures (door post and
rear wheel arch) and the Coupe has nothing but sheetmetal. Front is identical
and rear (unlike European versions) has for both models, bumper rails.
When it comes to accidents you have to take into account differences in
accidents and age of the car.
Just my $0.02

Michael Williams wrote:

> Mark L. Chang decided to speak these words:
> >One thing to consider is safety.  Although I never had an accident in the
> >4k, I think by virtue of its largeness over the CGT, it would stand up
> >better in a crash.
> Actually, they are almost identical in sizes believe it or not. If i
> remember correctly, length, wheelbase, height and width are almost
> identical.  I have been in 2 accidents in the coupe and one in my 4kq
> (none my fault..ok?) and the coupe is one safe son of a gun...as is the
> 4kq...i would say over all that with the structural integrity advantage
> that the coupe would hold over the 4kq that it might be safer, but only
> marginally...in actuality, they are probably equal.
> later...
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Martin Pajak


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