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Bullseye targeting software + sunroof motor

>From: ____Bulll*sEye**_ <23d727@att.net>
>Subject:  _-*Bull_s*Eye*Targeting*Software-

I've killed people for being less annoying.


My sunroof motor seems to overheat (?) a lot, and switch off. It cools down
(I'm assuming it's a heat/circut breaker thing..), and will work again for
another couple seconds.. repeat. repeat. repeat.

Only on 'slide' does it do this, on 'tilt' it's just fine. I put up with
this in my old Q until I broke the sunroof entirly with a friends' cheap
ski rack; but I'd like it to work in this one, especially since it's
summer. Tilt's the only way to go on the highway, but slid-open is nice
around town.

Do I need to rewire the sucker with heavier duty wire? Re-motor it with a
new motor? Re-switch it? (Anything NOT involving replacement?!)

How does one go about attacking the square light/sunroof motor assembly?
(without killing it, I just need to put it under local anesthetic and redo
it; I'm not into major sugery here..)

brooks		-fort collins/laporte area, n. colorado-
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