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blue headlights?

In message <00da01bdb09e$4f9c3300$0d5195c1@default> "DRoxburgh" writes:

> Guys you've missed the point. In Europe, big A's have the new style
> projector bulbs with give off a very bluish light compared to the dim orange
> glow from normal headlamps. These are a different type of bulb - not
> halogen? - and that was what I wanted to know about, i.e. could they be
> fitted behind stock lenses to improve the lighting over and above the use of
> sheer wattage - PP take note! I'm not into flashing blue lights, just want
> to be able to see better.... yes I've had my eyes checked...

HIDs (High Intensity Discharge) are a whole new (expensive) ballgame.

Personally, I'm not yet convinced.  While I'm happy that Euros are
preferable to DoTs (beam cutoff) I think the beam cutoff on the HIDs
is _too_ sharp.  When a vehicle coming the other way with HID lights
hits a bump, the lights seem to flash as if the driver hit the highs
for a fraction of a second.  I find it disturbing.

I'm not denying the benefits of HIDs for the driver of the vehicle
to which they are fitted - but they're not an unalloyed benefit to

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