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Re: blue headlights?

>immediately pull into the slow lane as we approached from the rear.  Turns
>out they thought we were we a ghost car just because we had headlights 

Ha.. That's good luck! I wish it were so today...

I have noticed a trend of driver-instituted DRL's in certain cars...
Corvette drivers; Accura coupe (any type); ferarri (anything) & lambo,
other 'supercars'; fast BMW's; newer 911's; .. etc. etc. All seem to drive
around with the lower driving lights on. I'm not sure why.. My guess, is
that with a nice car like that, you don't want people to accidently hit
you, and it may also 'push' slow left side drivers into the right lane. (no
pun intended)

I know, that without many DRL's around here, people tend to move over
faster if you've got your headlights or the like on. I don't know if people
think you're 'more serious' about passing them, or what, but I like it when
they don't stick around in my way. Maybe the lights coming up (ooh! some
physics- intensity increasing as the sqrt of the dist) and getting
'brighter' irritates people enough to move their feather-footted ass over.

>"the way I drive I don't worry about my cholesterol"

that's great! haha.. I'll have to remember that..