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Re: FW: A4 follow-up

Phil Payne wrote
>And the UK Audi dickheads (alone on the planet, it seems) have decided
>not to import the 1.8TQ.  You want quattro - you have to take a 2.8
>non-turbo engine.  And if you try to buy a RHD 1.8TQ anywhere else in
>the EU and import it - they will do their DAMNDEST to stop you.

Well, no pity from this side of the pond.  Now you know how we feel.  Kinda sucks doesn't it?

My personal beef is the failure to import the S2 to USA.  I guess one can  rationalize that the $10k premium over the CQ
would deter buyers, and the CQ sales were already quite low.  Now in my case that isn't valid, as I bought a used CQ as
soon as the prices fell to where I could afford it.  Just would've waited longer for an S2.

But the 1.8TQ?  It's price is less than the 2.8.  That one is truly baffling.  I thought the US arm of Audi had the
market cornered for opaque decision making, but obviously the disease is more widespread.

Matt Rooke