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Re: Unlimited-Life Brakes????

Richard Beels wrote:

> Fronts do most of the braking.  Also, the inside pads do most of the
> braking on a given caliper.  I'd check the insides of your rears and not
> rely too heavily on the outside caliper.

Here's what could have been a horror story.  When I first bought my '91 200Q, I'd
keep looking at my rear brake pads through the wheel,  and they would look just
fine.  I finally decided to replace them more or less on principle. When I took
the pads out, I found that almost half the material on a couple of the pads had
*sloughed* off. Not worn out, mind you: the pads had just partly disintegrated,
so that I had progressively less braking area.  I've never seen such a thing
before or since ..


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