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Just got my Audi V8 back ... and it is beutiful

Several months back I got into a fender bender, then someone keyed my car, it
wasn't a good week for my V-8.  Since it was going to have to be repainted
(due to the vandalism) I took it to a shop in Independence Missouri, called
Hot Rod Express.

This shop does primary custom work, Hot Rods mostly, I have seen them do some
spectacular things with cars while mine has been there.  Its an award winning
shop ... they did fantastic work on the restoration of the exterior of my 1990
V-8 Quattro ... it wasn't cheap, but well worth it ... you should see my Pearl
White Audi ... it really looks great.

In restoring it, everything was taken off, I mean everything ... windows,
windshield, moldings,  I'll tell ya what, a bear V8 is really pretty cool

That's why I wanted to pass the name and number of the shop on, so if anyone
out there has an Audi they want done right, they can.  Its a one stop shop ...
mechanics, body, interior.  This shop even custom makes parts they can't find
... its an experience just watching them.

Well, enough of singing their praises ... its called Hot Rod Express, 5105 W
40.  Highway, Blue Springs, Missouri, 816-224-9597.  Just ask for Mike, Jeff,
or Rick.

In my opinion its the best shop in the Midwest.  I can't tell express just how
happy I am with the work they did ... its beautiful.