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Update on Ur-Q Bosch Headlights

Hi all

Finally got the headlights for my 83 Ur-Q, Bosch singles H4, part # 0 301
064 121/2.  I also had H4 100/80 watt bulbs, that I intend on using with
them.  These units are actually for the 86 MY since I already have that
year's slanted grill in place.  I think it will look alright, I haven't got
the bezel that goes around these lights, I haven't been able to find them.

I'm planning on installing them this weekend.  A few questions:

Can I run them without relays for say 10 minutes at the time or will even
that melt the harness/switch?  I haven't got the power line from the battery
in the engine bay yet.

Besides the turning signals, which I plan to re-direct from the ones in the
bumper, I have these low amperage ones in the headlight itself that I assume
are "European city lights".  These lights I believe should go off when the
headlights are on, which means I can't connect them with the parking lights.
Has anybody connect these lights before, maybe John Karasaki?  How did you
do it?  Also, what did you do with the old turning signals?

Lastly,  It would save me some time if somebody could tell me the
orientation of the H4 (i.e.. high/low/ground) lets say looking at the bulb
from behind and having the horizontal tab at the top.

Many Thanks

86 5ktqw
83 Ur-Q