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Re: H4 = 9003?

tehp@qualmedoregon.com wrote:
> I suppose those who have gone to the expense to purchase Euro
> headlights already notice this, but I just figured out that
> the 9003 bulb is basically identitcal to the H4, at least in
> 60/55w.  Just a tip, in case you're broke after buying the
> headlights (or stuck in B.F.E. with a dead bulb!) and need to
> light them up.  Many stores won't even have H4 bulbs, but
> have 9003's on the shelf.

You are right about the orientation of the filaments, but there is no
way that the the 9003 bulb will work in the lamps that take H-4's and
vice-versa. They have completely different bases. Not to mention that
the connector doesn't fit either.
BTW, most every auto parts store has H-4 bulbs in 55/60w. A LOT of
motorcycles use them and that's the area of "pep boys" or any other
parts store you should check.

Todd Candey