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Re: H4 = 9003?

> You are right about the orientation of the filaments, but there is no
> way that the the 9003 bulb will work in the lamps that take H-4's and
> vice-versa. They have completely different bases. Not to mention that
> the connector doesn't fit either.
> Todd Candey

Are you sure you aren't thinking of the 9004?  The 9003 has the three 
metal tabs like a sealed beam or an H4, unless I managed to confuse
the numbers since I got back from the parts store... in fact, this
bulb that I saw not only looked the same as an H4, but the little 
engraved writing on the base even had H4 among the other text, mixed 
in with "DOT" and "900[something]".  About the only difference that 
I could see was that additional text.