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Big cable splices...

In message <> Dave Head writes:

> For those interested in even more permanent repair, any welding supply or
> large electrical supply company can hook you up. Welding cable is ultra
> flexible and absolutely minimum voltage drop - far better than factory
> cabling. If you ever have a set of jumper cables made up from welding cable
> you'll sneer at any other kind...

I used to make the stuff - we used to hate it.  It's made from very
soft drawn and quite pure copper - very fragile to work with.  It's
also laid up using more and thinner conductors than other flexibles,
so it has to go through the laying up machines several times.  Then,
when the PVC is extruded onto the outside, there's very little strength
to pull the stuff through the extrusion dies.

Don't be surprised if it's a bit expensive.  We used to stick 10% on
just for the beer after a long run.

 Phil Payne
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