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RE: Oil pressure icon blinking on '91 200Q

The engine has rpm selected oil pressure sensors.  The low rpm sensor is
built into a sensor that also drives the pressure gauge in a separate
section.  The pressure can be displayed as OK and the light still flash.
Sorry you have to buy a sensor to fix just half the item.

You'll notice the large bulb has 2 wires coming from it.

This info will get you going on the right track.  Of unhooking the right
wire to see if the problem goes away.

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ARGGGHHHH!  I really was hoping it might be someplace outside the
instrument cluster.  Out comes the Bentley I guess.  Maybe I'll put a bulb
in the Check Engine light while I'm in there.  Any BTDT's on going after
the circuit board?


At 09:32 PM 7/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>It could also be a failing circuit board in there.  I've heard of those
>going out, and the best Audi guy at Beverly Hills Porsche Audi confirmed
>that for me today.  So far, it's only the oil pressure icon for me.  I'll
>check the sending unit, and the contacts.  But, as you point out, it might
>also be bad contacts.  If so, I guess you have to get inside the instrument
>- Jim
>At 10:08 PM 7/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Must be a '91 200Q  epidemic!!!   Same thing happened to me Sat.  (same
>>drill - stop the car, check the oil level etc.)  same results.   Then
>>yesterday except I'm smarter now - shut off then back on.  Whoops didn't
>>work,  auto-check still on.  Goes out  shortly thereafter.  Oil pressure
>>O.K.   I'm also having intermittent erroneous miles to empty readings.
>>Which contacts do I have to clean?
>>Frank Stadmeyer
>>'91 200Q		'89 100Q
>>'86 Jetta Gli		'85 Jetta
>>'73 BMW 2002  (hanger queen)
>>At 08:18 PM 7/14/98 -0700, James Desveaux wrote:
>>>Today I finally fixed the bothersome worn brake pad icon problem.  Went
>>>my friendly german auto salvage yard in Watts and pulled the female-side
>>>brake sensor plug-in from an S4 and spliced it in, replacing the
>>>one.  About 2 hrs later, I drove over a pretty decent sized bump and
heard 3
>>>beeps.  This time the icon was red, and the oil pressure oil can started
>>>flashing.  THe oil pressure gauge was reading fine (between about 1.8-2.2
>>>bar at idle and up to 5 bar at speed).  THough I figured this is another
>>>typical Audi electrical gremlin, I pulled over, checked oil, etc.  After
>>>miles since changing it, oil is exactly full (with none added) and there
>>>NO leaks.  I restarted the car, and the big OK lit up, and then the radio
>>>station.  A few seconds later, the beep returns with the red icon.  I
>>>driving down Bundy Drive (yes, THAT Bundy), and a short time later (hey,
>>>beep is gone), I notice that the radio station frequency is illuminated
>>>the display.  No more beeps and icons.
>>>Question:  Anybody had this happen to them?  Is it a corroded connection
>>>the sending unit, or some such thing?  The car has 91k on it now, but
>>>everything's pretty much spud on it.  I bought it at 88k and did the
>>>precautionary things, such as t/b, w/p, front main seal, etc.  Any advice
>>>would be appreciated.
>>>- Jim