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Re: Oil pressure icon blinking on '91 200Q

We've been there before, and there seems to be several causes, all sensor or
circuit board related. I not a mech, but here's what I'v e found.

There are 2 (at least) oil pressure sensors in addtion to the guage sensor if
so equipped. The problems seem to be either incorrect or defective sensor(s).
In our experience the after market one had the wrong values even though the
part #'s were ok. We just went to Audi (or VW) and ordered theirs. Problem
solved, or maybe not. Sometimes the problem would still persist and furthur
investigation $$$$ proved to be in the circuit board area. Usually this solved
it. There are some mech's that can scrutinize then repair the boards, others
just want to replace it.
Good luck 
Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT
www.vtbusiness.net/autohaus/   soon