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Re: A4 A/C, climate control

Here in Dallas, TX my Audi 90S A/C seems to keep me comfortable in this
100+ weather. I don't have climate control (just manual controls), but
the A/C seems to work well even in this type of heat. I usually use the
same procedure that you said you wish the climate control computer would
use. I use fresh air until the car starts to cool down and then I push
the recirc button. Whenever I kept recirc on from the get-go, it does
take a little longer for the car to cool down.

Robert Houk - WorkGroup Server Firmware wrote:
>    Down here in Texas were Audis never really seem to have been really
> We've been having a "heat wave" (no, really, it's "official") up here
> in NewEngland . . . yesterday afternoon I was cruisin' in my A4, and
> the A/C was just barely able to keep up with the heat (it was lo/mid
> 90's (F), and the climate control kept the fan up to [i.e., would not
> drop below] two notches below max).  Anyways, I was wondering how the
> A4 A/C in particular (any other Audis in general) worked out there
> where it actually gets hot . . .
> Also, the climate control computer seems to run the A/C in recirc
> when the car first starts and it's been heat-soaking in the sun for
> awhile; has anyone else noticed this? It seems to me that it would
> be better to run "fresh" air, since there's good odds that the
> outside air is cooler than the heat-soaked interior air, at least
> until the interior gets A/Ced back down to something reasonable.
> Obligatory grumble: Not only does the #%$#!ing climate control not
> let you run recirc when it's cold, it runs *ONLY* recirc when it's
> hot (as in above paragraph). Further, it not only ignores the recirc
> button, it does *NOT* lite the recirc symbol.  Man, if I ever get
> my hands on the <deleted> who coded that thing, well, he won't be
> having any more children, that's fer sur! Get them damn genes out
> of the gene pool before it's too late!
> Grumble . . .
>                                         -RDH

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