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RE: http://www.spiralmax.com

> Mark L. Chang decided to speak these words:
> >Check out the "customer comments" -- espcially the one that comes from
> the
> >person that "designed the Mazda RX7 sports car..."
> I dunno, im most impressed with the 81 horsepower increase in that toyota 
> camry...i gotta get me one of them....whooooeeee...yeehaawww
And that darn QLCC _only_ gave me 60hp   :-).  Oh but wait, I can pull
defeat from the jaws of victory (I mean...).  Spiralmax(tm) can add 80hp to
the 60hp Scott Mo. so generously gave me.  Sooooo...
60 + 80 + 162 =  627 Spiralmax hp's
I'm ready to buy.

Gary Lewis 196km 86 5KCSt 5sp 1.8 Bar
TransGlobal Financial  (818) 384-7600
Mergers, Acquisitions, Public Offerings
P.S.  Think I should take these guys public??