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Re: Re: What's a Comm. Ed?

On Sat, 18 Jul 1998 MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> Choose to believe me or not....but again, I did buy one of these (1987 4kcsq
> commerative build) new back in early '88 and there were several to choose
> from. (Red and Alpine White only.) I had the window sticker and it definately

Wasn't dissing -- just trying to point the original poster in the
direction of Eric's informative page.

So, looks like I might track down some PO's and see if I can get that
original sticker (yeah, right)... Cool, so I've got a good chance at being
a CommEd owner as well... another surprising thing about this car :)

87 4kcsq CommEd maybe -- logo'd interior, etc... gonna check the 'chives

PS> Wish me luck, gonna check out a 4kq tomorrow for my father...

one drive in the 'ol Q this winter and he grinned ear to ear -- "Wanna
sell me this thing?"  Ah... I think I may have brought him back to the Q

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