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Re: Micro Fische

Checked with the folks at hte camera shop today about scaning the fische
and putting it onto disk,CD. They had these thoughts, first due to the size
of the print, diagrams, etc on the fische, they feel that it might not be
possible to get a good image using a scanner, and enlarging such a small
area so that it is readable. I'm going to try and find them some to try, to
get some idea of how it looks. Secondly, not all transparancy scanners can
accomodate all sizes, their's will do up to 6x7cm, so the work might have
to be done peace meal. Also they felt that a flatbed scanner would not
likely be able to do the job well bc of the lower resolution levels, when
compared to dedicated transparancy units.
Will keep all informed.
sean 96A6q

FBFISH@aol.com wrote:

> Nscbarry- Thanks , when and if I get the fische, thats a viable option.