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Help With 1984 Coupe GT 2.1 L engine

Fellwo Audi Fans,

Help!  I was driving back from a camping trip and my coupe had been
running fine except 12 miles per gallon.  It was 104 degrees and My car
didn't even start to overheat going up the worst hills in the State
(Parleys).  When I got to the city, the car started to shake and I lost
a lot of power.  The Car sharkes from side to side expecially when
revved.  Anybody have any ideas.  I just got a tune-up.  New Spark
Plugs, air filter, head cover gasket and valves checked.  It stil starts
fine but sounds awful and no power.  Maybe the spark plug wires need
replaced?  They look fairly new.

Any Help Would Be greatly appreciated
Jeremiah Curry

P.S. if this is sent more than once I am sorry, I am having trouble with
my e-mail program (outlook)