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RE: Scanning microfiche...

>> Checked with the folks at hte camera shop today about scaning the fische
>> and putting it onto disk,CD. They had these thoughts, first due to the size
>> of the print, diagrams, etc on the fische, they feel that it might not be
>> possible to get a good image using a scanner, and enlarging such a small
>> area so that it is readable.
>BTTTDT.  You need a scanner with a resolution of at least 10,000dpi.

Actually, I suspect 4000dpi might be enough, based on the experiments I've
done with my 1950dpi transparency scanner and a 50mm macro lens with 1:1
extension tube on a 35mm camera.  The real problem is the size of the
resulting files ... for the typical Audi microfiche, you're looking at
several hundred megs worth of images, broken down into 50M chunks; for the
*really* big ones (Coupe Q, S2, etc.), figure an additional 50 percent,
perhaps more.

Also, since most of the images are line art and the fiches that us
civillians are likely to get our hands on aren't in the best of condition,
making a clean copy will require a LOT of time in Photoshop cleaning things
up.  I've tried scanning the pages I've copied from the fiches at 600dpi and
the results have been mixed.  I think if someone really wants to do this, it
probably can be done but I'm not sure it's worth the effort and the cost
compared to the other methods available.

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