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Spraying water on ICs...

>PS:A neat/cheap alternative looks like their water injection system.
>Adjustable pressure switch+all.  $160.  Any experiences, or "predicable
>effects" from anyone?  I'm curious as to how much of an effect the system
>would have.  Spearco is noticably quiet about how much of a performance
>increase the injection provides.

If you're clever, you can accomplish the same thing for a fraction of $160
... I've got such a setup on my '89 200q and it cost me less than $10 plus a
used windshield-washer bottle/pump that I scavenged off a wrecked '87 5k and
an adjustable pressure switch from the HVAC system that was replaced in my
office building.

I've used it here in Arizona for two summers now and it works fine ... a
bottle-full typically lasts for three tankfuls of gas and since I'm using
the OEM windshield-washer bottle, the low-coolant warning light will light
up whenever it gets low.  Some folks have expressed concern with scale
building up on the IC core but I always use distilled water with mine and
haven't experienced any problem with this in 30k miles...

Performance-wise, I have an advantage over most people due to the high
heat/low humidity we have here and even with that, I haven't noticed much,
if any, improvement from it.  However, I have noticed the performance won't
deteriorate as much from stoplight-to-stoplight and I no longer notice the
K24 turbo heatsoaking by the time I shift into 3rd gear on a run.
Still, for the money, I have no complaints.  :^)
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