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Clutch pedal sticking-More questions

First thanks to all the replies on my question concerning my
intermittent sticking clutch pedal.  The consensus of opinion was
replace everything hydraulic in the clutch system.  I bought all the
parts and went at it Sunday.  In an earlier post Igor stated the job
could be done in less than an hour.  Needless to say I muttered his name
frequently in the 5 or so hours I worked on my car in 100  degree
weather.  I will admit that if things went perfectly and I had done 10
others previously maybe an hour would be possible.  I started with the
slave cylinder.  I could not get the pressed in pin out.  My conclusion
is either there is a special tool for pressing it out or I need to wait
until the tranny is on the floor where I can get a bigger hammer to it.
I'm open to any tips on this one.  Master cylinder went in OK after
modifying a 6mm Allen wrench to get the bolts loose.  The apparent 200
lb. feet that they were tightened to seemed a bit high and putting the
bolt right behind the inlet fitting made me a bit upset with the guy who
designed the master cylinder.  The new one had the mounting holes
rotated slightly, much easier.  Oh, and what do I do with the "pre
tension spring/wire", I think I got that name right, that came out of
the slave cylinder pin?  BTW: my 87 5kcst is resting under a tree at
home waiting for me to finish the job.

All help appreciated.