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RE: Bay Area Camaraderie

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> From:	AQUATTRO4U@aol.com [SMTP:AQUATTRO4U@aol.com]
> I
> have one idea for a get together. August 14-16 in Monterey there is
> Historic
> Automobile races (honoring 50 years of Porsche) at Laguna Seca Raceway. I
> was
> thinking we all could meet somewhere in the Bay Area and caravan down
> there.
	[Daily,DerekSJMCG]  Uhhh...good idea Steve B?!  Anyway, definitely a
few of us on the 20v list interested in a drive / meet.  But Steve even went
so far as to reserve a special parking spot at MHR...provided enough of us
had responded to his effort.  Don't think it went that way...  

	P.S.  Was interesting sight on "main" street San Mateo on Friday.
One new A8 in Santorin Mica Blue, one Blk CQ, one dirty-old, stumbling but
loved, red 86.5 VW qsw. Listers?

	Derek Daily
	San Mateo, CA
	90 CQ
	86 VW qsw