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Re: My new '84 4KQ (follow-up to 4KQ vs Coupe for teen)

> actually was a fairly nice, but somewhat rusty silver 4000Q with the grey 
> interior. 

All 1984 spec 4kqs had the chocolate brown interior, fyi.
Does it have the old style dash, or the newer 85-7?
(Hint - is the dash brown, or black?  If black, it's the latter)

> Initial observation:  fairly serious rust on passenger rocker and both 
> passenger-side doors.  

Common.  You can have a couple of pieces welded in.
If he's industrious, it's trivial to fit the side valence panels
off a 85-7 4k, and you might even find silver at a boneyard. 
The 84 lacks the mounting holes in some places, but some stainless
sheetmetal self-tapping screws will work fine.

> On trying to start it, the fuel pump did a fine job of covering the garage 
> floor with fuel. 

Metal and/or rubber hoses are probably rotted.

> reverse hard to find... my guess is a linkage/shifter issue 

Most likely.  Check the fluid levels though.

> Anyway, at the extreme urging of the teenager, I decided to keep the car... 
> even though I'm still not sure if it's a parts car or one I intend on putting 
> together for him.  (Final cost was about $500) 

Sounds like a parts car, realistically.
Find another 84 that is a known good car and go from there.
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