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Re: My new '84 4KQ (follow-up to 4KQ vs Coupe for teen)

The dash is the old style (nothing like my 85 UrQ).  It is brown...and I knew 
it really _had_ to be...but the color really _looks_ grey. (I think it's simply 
faded, but looks great.  At least it faded consistently!)

I'll give it a more complete "going over" in the next few weeks.  (My SO has 
informed me my next project is replacing the dash, dash pad, carpeting, and 
weatherstripping in _her_ TR6.  A bit more than an evening's work....)

The body work will be a good learning experience for my stepson.....(in fact I 
was chiding him for "breaking up" with his last "girlfriend" whose father is a 
welder!)   In the best case, it might turn into a good low budget beater.  
Realistically, though, I'm also assuming I have a parts car.

Bill Elliott