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Steering Twitching

I remember reading the post about the individual's car
wandering to and fro on the road and having wide tires.

There's a stretch of road here in the Twin Cities (Hwy 81,
north of 694) that has very bad truck tire impressions,
makes the road look like corrugated metal. I've noticed
that if I really punch it on that section, the car swerves
back and forth like it's got a loose tie rod or something.
Needless to say, I don't punch it on that section of road
anymore. I don't care to bounce of the cars beside me.

I've only got 205/60R15 tires, but I can still notice
cracks in the pavement pulling my tires around.

All praise the brain-dead US and state governments
that give out road building contracts to the lowest
bidder, gives us such HIGH quality roads.

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