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Re: Ok Wizards..does A 10V HEAD FIT ON A 20V BLOCK ?

I can say that a 20v head will fit on the na 2.3 10v block, we used one 
for Rui's S2 rally car(10v 2.3's are easy & cheap to locate), there were 
no provisions in the block for a TDC sensor though, if your car needs 
one that would be a problem. The pistons, timing belt & related gears 
are different & would need to be changed. There is a different part # 
for the 20v gasket, most likely the difference is in the water transfer 
hole pattern, you should use the 10v gasket. I have never tried to use 
the 20v block with a 10v head, but, from the previous experience, I 
would say it will work. Only one questions remains-why?
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty