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RE: Audi A4 1.8T or 2.8

It you want to have FUN, and the ability to upgrade to all hell, get the
1.8T. There are so darn many chips that can up the HP to higher than the
2.8, that you'd go crazy trying to decide which one, and all for under $700!
Basically you can up the 1.8T anywhere from 180hp on up to a solid 240hp,
some have kits for even up to 300+hp. As for the 2.8, until a supercharger
kit comes out, you only can squeeze about 17hp more out of it. And the 2.8
is also heavier in the front.

And if you want to Autocross it, get the 5spd, Quattro, Sport Suspension,
and DEFINITELY the Sport Seats.

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> Subject: Audi A4 1.8T or 2.8
> I am new to this list and was wondering if anybody could give me
> some advice.
> I am interested in buying an A4, and have driven several 2.8s,
> but the dealer
> here has had no 1.8Ts or some time.  I realize that the 2.8 has
> more horses
> but am unsure if I want to spend another 5 grand for that and
> leather seats.
> I really like the 2.8, but have nothing to compare it to.  Has
> anybody driven
> both or  know if the 2.8 is really that much better?
> Meho