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The 200q metal blender

Ok, I had a rattling noise that I dismissed as heat shield rattling.

Well, I got curious, and listened to that rattling tonight when the car was

I'm a lot more concerned now.

I started the car up, and listened very carefully on the ground to the
noise.  Sounds like there are several metal parts getting kicked around in
a blender slowly.  A klunk/scrape noise.  Coming from somewhere near(or
maybe in) one of the catalytic converters; maybe right at the part where
the exhaust first turns towards the cats.

Before I turned on the car, I rapped the driver's side cat with my fist;
not so much as a rattle.

Anyone have any ideas?  This could be one damn expensive rattle.

BTW, I can't confirm it's a heat shield; it certainly doesn't sound like a
contact-rattle.  I also can't see the heat shields without lifting the

Any help much appreciated; I need to resolve the issue before the car and I
go to upstate NY again...I'm going to call Dave over at Central and make an
appointment for the earliest I can anyways...


Brett Dikeman
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