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Re: The 200q metal blender

>Stick shift?
200q20v, so yep.

>If so, you have essentially the same transmission that I have.  Mine
>rattled like the very devil, and I met a lot of other MBs that rattled,
Let's see...the 017 if I recall from the Bently?  Or is it 016...I think
one is the FWD the other AWD...

>too.  I always put it down to something inherent in the design.  Then
>it 'went away' after I had the clutch done, and after 40000 more miles,
>I think it's coming back very slowly.
Well, it's interesting that you mention it.  I've got clutch noise(never
noticed it when I bought the car, I'm kicking myself now.)  The clutch
groans/moans during shifting; I think it's also in need of replacement
wear-wise; it's kinda rough.  I don't know if this is related to having a
Q, but sometimes, there's a "thunk" as if there's play in a linkage in the
drivetrain; only happens when I shift.

I'd love to have Dave look at it, but I suspect it's a lot of work just to
get it apart to look at the clutch.  Any estimates on how long(ie, $) this
would take?  Any time/parts estimates for actually replacing the clutch?
Keep in mind there's the lovely 20v exhaust in the way

I don't think I'll be able to get an appointment before next week,

BTW, thank you very much to all who replied.  I'm not entirely convinced
it's the hangars for the cats(as many suggested) or a loose weld as Ned
suggested; the noise has a definate "scrape" component to it, not just a
rattle.  I think that Phil might be on to something here...

_althought_, the problem is semi-idle related.  When the idle dips(another
problem entirely, I believe) the noise is _much_ worse.  However, the
engine naturally shakes more at a lower RPM...

and I don't think it's belts, because Dave just tensioned all the belts
about 2 months ago(they were all loose, which I suspected since I was
having wet-alternator-belt-slippage problems.)

91 200q20v (chunkclunkspbbhthrattlerattle)

Brett Dikeman
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