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Re: New listener in Ottawa Kanada.

Alex Tarlowski wrote:

> First I have a set of kind of beat Ronal 390 mm rims from my 86 that look
> like a beefed up version of the 86's stock rim (15-20 ish radial spoke
> pattern). The only rubber available for this rim (as far as I know) is the
> Michelin TRX I think or TR something, 390 x 190 x 65 at present but there
> are some variations. These tires is still available mail order or just
> plain order and they might make a decent winter set (I'm figuring with the
> lockable 4 wheel drive I won't need winter tires per say). Is any body
> familiar with this tire in this application, ie urban winter commuting plus
> 100-200 km/wk, snow packed country road to ski trail head sportif driving?

The only tire that I have found available for a 390 wheel is the Michelin TRX.
They are still available (Tire Rack has them) but not everyone carries them. I
personally would not recommend using them for winter because they are "sort of
sport" tires. I have taken in dozens of 390 BMW wheels on trade for 14 or 15
inch wheels because the owners are sick of dealing with mail order when they
need tires, and poor foul weather performance.

> Second question, when I drive aggressively, which is daily, at least twice,
> there is a slight clunk (very sight) in I think the back end of the drive
> train when I up shift. I don't get this with moderately aggressive shifts
> and it seems to be a little more pronounced with the AC on. Also rough road
> surfaces also sound a little clunky at all four corners which might be in
> part due to my insistence on at least max to max plus 5 psi in all four
> tires (Good Year Eagle GA 205/50/15 Rs which I'm trying to burn quickly so
> that I can justify replacing). Are these symptoms of any future trouble?

Check the rear diff mounts.


> Ta very much.
> Alex Tarlowski