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Re: 91 S2 FS

Well it seems I've started somthing here.  
I was not aware that S2's were not imported.
I have heard about them.  I've never seen one before.
That is part of the reason I took the 1 hour drive to check 
this car out.  I knew the dealer would be closed.
But I figured that I would at least be able to look this 
thing over with out a shadow.  

The car has an S2 badge on the gril.  I assumed it was in
fact an S2.  I could be wrong.  It looked like a CQ.
Except for the hood.  The gril was part of the hood.  Like the S4's
and other "newer" Audis I've seen.  I have never seen a car like this 
before.   I dunno were CQ's imperted in 91?  Was the gril and hood a 
one piece unit? If so maybe somone got an S2 badge and stuck it on 
thier CQ.  

As I said in my post insert usual disclaimers here.  
I was passing on info to y'all.  

86 4kcsq  190k (running better w/new air filter)