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4kq q&a's

Here are my thought as a fellow 4kq owner,

1.) Odometer is long dead.  The Speed part and computer display still works
but the analog odometer and short distance odometer is dead....Is there
anyway to make this feel better?
>see last weeks archives

2.) The engine still has a problem starting up, it doesn't just fire up,
but it takes about a second before it catches and roar awake.  
>fuel pressre bleeding off w/ignition off?  I think the test for this is
>to turn the key on, do not engauge the starter, count to 20, engauge
>If car fires right up, then check valve is bad.  If not, hmmmm must be
somt'n else

3.) Car still nearly stalls out when first started and the pedal needs be
pushed down or else the car will slowly stall.  I've been told this could
be the injectors but I have NO idea how to check...
>Could be a fuel pressure problem, cold start injector problem.  
>Once the car reaches normal temp, does it seem power hungry?
>If not then the injector are probbly fine.  
>Try running a can or two of techtron through it.

4.) Getting my windows tinted tomorrow, any suggestions on % tint?
5% = limo
20% = dark
35% = lighter

5.) The sunroof still won't open, even when I grease up the rails it rides
on.  Is there any easy way to pop the sunroof plate off so I can clear any
>yes, it's sort of easy.  Your problem is most likely broken slides(dunno 
>what they are really called).  There are two in the SR one each side They
>are about 5"x1"x1/4".  Made of the same crappy metal alloy as the door
>Ok well maybe not but I'm think'n team door handle helped here too.

6.) The glass is getting streaked, obviously by something down in the door,
it';s almost like there's something rubber that is leaving "rubable"
streaks on the window i.e.  The streaks can be rubbed off with a finger.
>Take you door apart and look.  It's most likely one of the many rubber
>has given out and is rubbing.  Not too supprising on a 12yr old car.

Good luck,
86 4kcsq 190k (now de badged) Oh yeah that "clunk" turned out to be
my coffee cup oops!