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Re: The ULTIMATE cure for those Quattro blues

>Now, I'm the first to admit that a 90q20v is one of the lower powered
>Quattros, but my budget simply wouldn't stretch to a turbo or 2.8 beast.
That's the first time I've heard "beast" and "2.8" in the same sentence...

So, a '87 5kCSTQ was out of your budget?  Considering they can be picked up
for $2k or so; that's pretty darn low.  Leaves plenty of money for some fun
tweaks, if just a stage I from IA or something.

>My advice to all potential 90q20v owners?
>Get an XR4x4 - its more fun, more rewarding to drive, and is half the price!

[sarcasim]And those Xarati mechanics, parts, and dealers are so much easy
to find :)

Seriously, I saw the inside of a XR and it was damn scary.  Every metal
part looked like it was cast using the sand-mold meathod.  Pipes+hoses
going all over the place; no organization whatsoever.  Block was rusted to
hell.  The guy had made things even worse by installing an aftermarket
IC(apparently, they decided an IC wasn't needed for the car) making the
layout of the engine even more confusing.  And this was supposedly one of
the "better" condition ones out there.

Every time I see one on the road, it's falling apart, or has fallen apart.
Lots of them in junkyards too.  Very occasionally(like, almost never), I'll
see one being driven by a little old lady that is in perfect condition.


Brett Dikeman
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