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Well, It Finally Happened.....

Well, well, - It finally happened to me!  Stranded!! I was waiting in
traffic last Monday afternoon when I heard a noise, smelled a smell (hot
rubber) and saw white smoke.  I looked around at the other cars to see
which poor schmuck was the victim and to my dismay, that poor schmuck was
me! I pulled over immediately and had my whimpering '93 90CS towed to my

A little history - I've had this car all of 3 months and it only has 53k
miles on it.  Boy, was I bummed! And to boot, I was to leave the very next
day, in my car, for a long awaited vacation to southern CA.

Anyway - turns out the water pump was beginning to go out, which affected
the timing belt, yada yada, $650.00, yada, yada - now it's fine.  What a
pisser - but I knew what I was getting into when I bought her.  Still, only
53k!  What's that all about??

I knew the timing belt was coming up for replacement, so it made the
expense a little more palatable.

The worse thing about the whole experience was that I had to rent a car for
the trip (a Pontiac Grand Am, Ugh!)  I was really looking forward to our
inaugural road trip!

She's doing fine now, although I'm a little worse for wear (especially in
the pocket book!)

Happy Audi-ing!

-Bob Beach, San Jose CA
'93 90CS