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Re: PLEASE HELP: 1995 A6Q 5spd.

To:   quattro
What? Are you saying that we are allowed to bring our private sale, or
other dealership sales, to an Audi dealership, pay $500, and receive the
Audi Advantage (or whatever the hell it's called) warranty? Are you sure
about this? What are the parameters of this deal (i.e., under a certain
mileage, under a certain age, etc)?

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 39k mi

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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:51:32 -0500
From: nscbarry@mail.msy.bellsouth.net
Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP: 1995 A6Q 5spd.

  where did he get it? audi dealer or from some individual. Also what is
  current milage?
  if he got it from a audi dealer, he should get them to certify it. good
  5yrs/75k from ISD. good coverage, almost as good as the new car warranty,
  doesn't cover wear-n-tear stuff but just about every thing else is
  covered, and
  only $25 or $50, i don't remember which, one time deductable for the
  rest. If
  he got it from an individual he could still try to get the dealer to
  it, my dealer did it for $500, and even replaced some interior trim. Plus
  the car is still under the factory warranty, the certified warranty
  start untill the factory one expires.
  sean 96A6q