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Re: Stupid driveline options question...

At 11:19 AM 7/24/98 -0400, HAREST@allenbrook.iix.com wrote:
>Well, the 'rents are looking to replace their current cars.  I'd prefer to
>get them into a quattro. They prefer the big cushy sedans, I'm more familiar
>with the smaller vehicles.  So the question is which models
>5k/100/200/A6/... were available with both quattro and an automatic

Well, I know that at least from '92 and up, the 100 model (i.e. A6 body
style) was available with quattro and automatic. The only powerplant
available was the 12v V-6, up until the new A6 this year, with the 30v V-6.

There were some '92 and up that had quattro and a 5-speed, but they are
rare. Most were automatics. That bodes well for your parents finding one
rather easily.

Good luck.

      Jim Griffin