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last call for toyota (!)

Bear with me for a minute on an audi-less post.

As you may recall, my sister wrecked my mom's 91 Corolla Alltrac
up in Dartmouth MA.  The car has been eating up storage fees, and
now the other person's ins. co has determined that it is entirely
my sister's fault, so they will not pay anything.

I need to find a yard near Dartmouth that will buy the car,
or a place that can fix it so it is drivable (I assume this
is not an option, but since I haven't seen it...).
I need to do this soon.  

Last resort is renting a uhaul trailer and getting my brother in law
to drive out there with me to get it, problem is it would
have to be M-S and he works.

Any ideas/suggestions?  The car is rare and has tons of new
parts.  I'm surprised I'm having a hard time finding a place
that wants it...


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