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Quattro Handling???

Thanks to everyone who has put up w/ my rambling, trivial quattro questions
over the last few months- you all have greatly contributed to my sanity.  I
have finally realized that by purchasing an older quattro that I have to
just deal w/ all of the little and not so little problems as they arise and
just revel in the fact that I could be paying $$$ to lease a new car every
month. I'm still saving lots of money even though I have invested $1,500
into the car in repairs over the last 6 months- probably about 3-4 months
lease/insurance payments.
My 85 4ksq is running well so I am happy.
    I am just curious about my quattro's handling.  I drove a stock 84 4ksq
a few years ago.  No suspension mods/upgrades or even new shocks.  From what
I can remember this car handled so much better than my 85'- so much less
body roll.  Is there a major difference between these two years in terms of
suspension?  My car has a rebuilt front end, p225/55 tires, Boge Turbo gas
in the front and Koni gas in the rear.  It just seems like it should corner
much better than it does.  Any thoughts would be very much appreciated, as

Thomas C. Turse
85 4ksq