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Oddly badged Audi at local Audi dealer

I stopped at Sewickley Audi/Porsche/BMW on my home from dropping someone off
at the airport today. In their used lot, they had a couple of A4's, and a
100 that looked similar to mine. But on the rear of the car, it was badged
unlike any other 100 I've seen. On the left hand side, it said "Audi 100,"
and on the right, "2.8E." It had the body of a '92+ 100/A6, but was labeled
as a '91 on the sticker in the window and also on the windshield. The car
had leather, the Bose system, climate control, trip computer but no fog
lights or keyless entry. So it looks like a model that has more options than
the 100S (like mine), but missing some of the options of the CS trim. The
speedo was in mph and not km/h. So is this a Euro-spec car? Just curious.

'92 100S (73k)