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Programmable wiper relay part # found for '92+ 100/A6

I went to the boneyard this morning to pick up a few pieces for the Audi. I
took with me a list of all programmable wiper relay part #'s I'd found via
the list. I found a '96 VW Golf with relay # 1HM 955 531A, and bought it for
$5. Took it home, slapped it in place of the old relay in my '92 100S, and
voila, programmable wipers. So it looks like this relay part listed above
will work in the 100/A6/S4/S6 models. Just wanted to let the other list
members who were interested in getting a programmable wiper relay for their
newer Audi's. BTW, I also got a seat heater switch out of a '94 90CSQ for a
whopping $10. One of my more productive boneyard runs.

'92 100S (73k)