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Six bolts to better belt tension

I needed to replace a "disappeared" alternator belt on my '89 100 last week
and thought I had read everything for this procedure in my Bentley. I also
thought I remembered some previous Qlist postings on the pitfalls involved.
Apparently I missed some stuff. :(

I loosened both 17mm pivot bolts at the top of the alternator. I loosened
the upper pivot bolt for the bracket, and I loosened the bolt that holds
the toothed adjuster. The alternator moved easily (but not a lot. uh oh,
danger!), and I managed to get the new belt on. I was able to adjust the
belt tension moderately tight (uh oh, danger!) with the toothed doohickey,
and then I tightened everything down. Well, within a day or so it was
obvious that the belt was slipping badly.

So I started over. This time I noticed the "damper" (rod) that bolts to the
alternator bracket (about midway) and whose other end attaches to the A/C
compressor's bracket. I realized that this fixed damper was preventing the
alternator bracket from pivoting, thus limiting the amount of tension that
can be put on the alternator belt. So I loosened the damper rod bolts at
_each end_. Doing so in no way changes the tension on the A/C compressor
belt, btw. Now it was clear that the alternator belt could be much better
tensioned. I retightened all 6 bolts, and things now seem fine. Six bolts!

Sorry to go through this once again since I'm sure it's been repeated
numerous times. But not enough for the likes of me, I guess :)


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com