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Re: help w/ book value

<< <Anyone have easy access to a figure for me?  Or where to look?  1982 Audi
 Coupe, 254,689 miles.......  >>
Although i missed the original post, so i'm not sure why you need the "book
value" of the car.  if you're looking to sell it, you can pretty much thro the
book out the window, cause a car that is 16 years and 250k old really can't go
by an average.  A LOT depends on the condition, what the car needs, and the
local market.   a price for your car could run anywhere from "free-if-you-
have-a-tow-truck" to probably 1500 or so (basing this off other ones on the
web) for a slightly above average car.

If it got totalled and you're looking for a "fair market price" your best bet
is to contact a dealership that specializes in used audi.  If you get two or
three good quotes on what the car would have been worth then you may have a
case, or if not then like Bryan said, the Ins company might ask YOU for a
check for $250. 

Hope i haven't rambled too much. 

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