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Re: CGT Tiptronic Transmission?

In a message dated 98-07-25 18:37:03 EDT, you write:

<< Hey everyone, 
 My Coupe has an automatic transmission.  It drives okay, but my dad and
 my friend always tell me how much fun a manual is to drive.  However, my
 parents will not allow me to drive a manual transmission, as I am still
 a new driver (about 1 year).  I agree with their reasoning (its safer, I
 can pay attention to the road, etc.), but I would still like to be able
 to shift gears.  I figure that if it is too much of a hassle in rush
 hour, I could always drive normaly.  So here's the question:  Is it
 possible to buy one of those Tiptronic kits like the one in the ABT/AMS
 A4 in the March 98 issue of European Car, and retrofit it into the
 Coupe?  Maybe I'm just crazy like everyone says.  (I probably couldn't
 afford it even if it is possible).
 Thanks for any thoughts.
No why would you want to?  The A4 uses an electrical valve body whereas the
coupe is purely mechanical.