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Re: NorCal Audi Event Write-up

Steven J. Sherwood decided to speak these words:

>Half Moon Bay.  In total we had 35 Audis
>show up for the event, 34 at the go-cart
>place, and then one late comer at just
>the lunch.  Twenty nine A4s and 6 non-A4s
>were there.  The qlisters that I remember
>were Ti Kan, Derek Daily, Michael Williams,
>Arun, and two others whose names currently
>escape me at the moment.  In total, it turned
>out to be a great event for all Audi owners.
>The NorCal A4 club tends to have these types
>of events about every month or so.
>BTW, the low time seemed to have been received
>by our own Jack Thomas, that ran a 54:54, 
>followed soon thereafter by Chris Boynton with
>a 54:57.  Good job boys....

yeah, it was quite a sight going down the freeway and such and seeing 
audi A4's as far foward as i could see and as far back as i could 
see...very cool...

I dunno though...i think those two guys had an unfair advantage on the 
track...Jack i can understand, i think it was him that used to be a 
professional driver, but Chris i dunno...hehe...i mean, i was only able 
to manage a 55.50...maybe they had quattro on their karts...hehe


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