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Re: NorCal Audi Event Write-up

>We just wanted to thank the qlist members
>that joined our NorCal A4 Owners Club get
>together today in Redwood City at the
>Malibu Grand Prix,
Well shoot, missed that one.  Didn't know this group existed til the posts late Friday.  Which I didn't see til Sat., as
I snuck out early to go windsurfing.  But as luck would have it, ended up dealing with a flat tire instead.  One of my
nice new Pilot XGT-Z4's picked up a nail.  Is it just me or do Michelins seem more vulnerable to this?  At least the
Wheelworks shop repaired it for free (patch on inside, rebalance).  BTW, I otherwise like the tires, the Z-rated
sidewalls really stiffen up the ride.
Or was this just punishment for leaving work early.
Anyhow, I've bookmarked the NorCal web page and hope to catch a future event.  And we'll have the "Shiny Hippo" at the
Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, hopefully in the company of other q's.
(Still) looking forward to crossing paths,
Matt Rooke
San Jose CA
'91cq; 121k, silver, wallowing eradication program progressing nicely