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Re: 15x7 Ronals fit 4kq?

Very true. If you really look, you can tell the difference from 100 to
108 by eye. The 100 holes are perfectly centered between the hubcentric
hole and the lip where the spokes begin on a Ronal 16 spoke. The 4kq
sized 108's however have the bolt hole bored right up to the edge of the
lip where the spoke begin since the holes are further apart. Measuring
calipers work too of course :)

Next question: Where is the place in San Jose where people have had
their wheels straightened? One of my "new" 15x7 Ronals is slightly bent. 

Dave C. wrote:
> For the 4kq...you know to they have to be 4x108 bolt pattern...right?
> I learned the hard way about the 108 part.  I don't think it's stamped on
> the wheel anywhere.
> Dave Conner