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Re: oh well!(kaboom)

Bill Elliot wrote:
> Circa 1983 (my senior year of HS in the far-back NC mountains) a
> couple of "Deliverance" - type individuals decided to steal some
> gas out of a school bus under the cover of darkness.  They used
> a match to check and see how full their gas can was.
> "Natural Selection" is a phrase that comes to mind.  It's the
> nature's way of keeping the median IQ at a reasonable level.

My SO worked for a time at an environmental services company that
specialized in re-building/maintaining retail gas stations.
They used the term "drive aways" for service incidents where self-serve
customers forgot one important step in the fueling process, remove hose
from vehcile gas tank.  It happens more than you think, and a couple of
these incidents literally "lit up the station".
MJ Murphy