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Re: 1st Hoosier Quattro Junta

Well, all I, myself, had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed looking over the 
cars, which I was greatly impressed by.  I hope we can pull this off 
again.  I promise to be on time though.  

If you guys want to do this again please let me know when.  They are a 
few who missed the first meet, so lets try to schedule this to 
accomoadte as many people's schedules as possible.  Hopefully we can all 
find a mutally acceptable date and time.  As usual I am open to 
suggestions for places and times.

By the way, surely I could not have had that bad a hangover from six 
hours with Wesley's bleach white, Maguires various polish and wax 
products, concentrated car wash detergeant, and Armor All tire foam, 
Could I?  :)

Well, hope to hear from you all soon.  And also, anyone who is 
interested please let me know.

Geoff Brumback
Owner: 1988 Audi 80
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