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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)


Please consider that quattro and turbo are *NOT* synonymous.  In fact, most
quattros are not turbos.  Most of the other parts you list require at most
a minor lubrication from time to time.  Come to think of it, I don't think
I've *ever* heard of a broken rear drive shaft in need of replacement.
Nor, for that matter, rear trapezoidal arms, rear tie rods, rear sub-frame.  

Yes there are some bushings which will likely need replacing.  Are you
telling us that the FWD car doesn't also have bushings in it's rear end?
Rear diff?  Keep lubricant in it and there is no other service needed.
Ditto the U-joints.

OTOH, handling of a quattro is significantly better than a FWD.  Traction
under severe conditions is incomparable.  Certainly these factors are worth
something even if you do spend an extra $50-$60 per year due to their

Sorry, but I don't see your argument.  

At 07:40 PM 7/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Michael Williams wrote:
>> Pcarselle decided to speak these words:
>> >1.- Do not buy Quattro
>> I dont understand this one.  I have never heard of the quattro system
>> costing anything as far as maintainance...am i wrong?  i just dont
>> consider it ia maintainance item...i dunno
>Please consider:
>Turbo oil pressure hoses
>Turbo cooling pump & injector cooling fan etc
>Additional rear drive shafts, boots, bearings, CV's
>Center drive shaft &  bearing, Universal joint
>Center and rear differentials, locks, vacuum actuators, senders &
>harness, etc...
>Vacuum lines trobleshooting & repair
>Rear Trapezoidal arms, tie rods, bushings.
>Rear sub-frame & bushings
>Four wheel alignment 
>I estimate the difference in maintenace costs between a FWD and the AWD
>Quattro to be around $ 5000
>of possible failure/repair costs, over the life of two comparable usage
>87 5KCSTQ(150Kmiles) 
>85 5000s (300Kmiles)
>90 100   (60Kmiles)
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