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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

*rear tie rods,* oh come on, those go bad all the time - the adjusters
rust solid, not the ends themselves going bad though.

> Yes there are some bushings which will likely need replacing.  Are you
> telling us that the FWD car doesn't also have bushings in it's rear end?

Twelve in the front, big PITA to change some of them.  Four in the rear,
piece of cake.

> Sorry, but I don't see your argument.

Funny, I do, it's one of the reasons I haven't made the Q leap - the
budget factor... someday!

Actually, he's wrong here for another reason.  Look at the subject
line.  I don't think Audi has yet made a car which meets the needs first

The original questioner should buy a adnoH.  

Huw Powell